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The River Tyne From Sources to Sea

This forthcoming volume from HEXRESS will present photographs that were made in 1981 whilst walking the length of the River Tyne in Northumberland, UK from its sources on Cross Fell in the South, Peel Fell in the North and from the confluence of these two tributaries at Warden to the sea at Tynemouth.
This photographic record shows the influences at work that have been transforming the land and habitats along the river for centuries, within country and city alike.
The images trace the history of human activity embedded in the landscape. The accompanying text draws from a variety of sources from literature, local history, social commentary & art history.

'Tynescapes' will be available from HEXPRESS in summer 2015

Tina & Annemarie have exhibited widely throughout Europe. Their work is held in many important collections such as the V & A London, The Photographers' Gallery London and the National Library of Wales.
For more images visit our website: www.simply-solar.co.uk
Also www.cerisepress.com, Summer 2011 Issue 7